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Speedgates for trouble-free and intensive use, year after year

A good, safe and carefree entrance for incoming and outgoing traffic, which will never grant access to unauthorised people, that’s what a Speedgate can offer you at sites and buildings. HTC has developed specific solutions for any situation imaginable, from limited to super intensive use. Putting together an effective solution starts with expert advice and support.

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Homeowners Association / Apartments

Homeowners Association / Apartments

HTC has acquired more than 30 years of experience with vehicle entrances for apartment complexes. HTC’s experts are happy to advise HOA’s regarding solutions for a safe, good-looking and user-friendly vehicle entrance…



The vehicle access is the building’s first “wow” moment for those arriving by car. You need a speedgate which will fully integrate with the architecture in order to create a genuine ‘wow’ moment. HTC enjoys working with architects to make this happen…

Commercial parking

Commercial parking

Commercial parking providers want to be able to guarantee safe parking for their customers. A speedgate plays an important part here. HTC’s speedgates will provide you with fast and permanently working access security…



From municipal car parks to prisons and embassies. Each government agency has its own character and procedures. HTC has acquired significant experience with putting adequate security in place for various different types of sites and buildings, but…



Securing the vehicle access for projects being built and securing the actual construction sites themselves. HTC supports contractors with realising successful construction projects, as well as realising their circular goals in both situations.

Worry-free access starts with a good design

A good entrance starts with the right design and dimensioning. HTC offers customers extensive support in order to allow them to realise this. We will look into realising the best possible solution together with the customer, given the situation.

We’ll start off with investigating the customer’s requirements. What are the location and access control’s requirements? What is the desired performance and security level? HTC will subsequently use this data to issue advice in relation to the setup and which type of speedgate fits in with this. We will also provide advice regarding other elements which are important for realising a good traffic flow. This could include the location of any possible registration pillars, stop lines, protective and guidance elements and the lines. The products are subsequently put into production: the speedgate, a possible wicket door, additional fencing and other additional elements.

Secure access to sites

Business premises naturally differ greatly and will therefore certainly also require their own unique access. Will access only be provided to passenger cars, or will it concern truck combinations? That will require a completely different approach with a different type of security.

HTC provides solutions for commercial, parking and logistics sites, as well as factory, port and business premises, where the entrance doesn’t just provide access, but also forms the basis for managing the automated processing of loading and unloading trucks. The speedgate often used for sites is the speedgate Xentry STS, or the Xentry 2BM.

Secure access to buildings

Buildings set specific requirements where their access solution is concerned, like limited space for the product or vehicles and the architectural integration. Aesthetic requirements also play an important role, plus there are naturally also plenty of requirements where security, safety and performance are concerned.

Every building is different, effectively integrating the speedgate will often require additional fencing and wicket doors for cyclists and pedestrians to realise a good separation of traffic flows. Plus many parking decks have long entrances and exits, which require special facilities. HTC can offer a suitable vehicle entrance solution for any of these situations.

Our other solutions

Are you in need of an architectural, mobile, high security or general vehicle entrance solution? HTC can offer you a safe and user-friendly vehicle entrance for any possible situation.

Speedgate as a service

The Speedgate as a Service concept means you get a speedgate on loan and HTC will remain the owner. Fewer concerns, no expensive investment, and it’s better for the environment.

Smart Service with Xense

Xense connects an Xentry speedgate to the internet. This smart service allows HTC to offer you 24/7 support, plus the data will provide you with an insight into the use of your speedgate.

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