Speedgates at Scheveningen beach

You’ll find Interparking’s Boulevard car park right on Scheveningen beach. An easily accessible, comfortable and inexpensive place to park. Ideal for a winter walk on the beach or a summer’s day by the sea. We were asked to equip this new and spacious car park with two Xentry 3TP Speedgates. An extra wide one measuring seven metres for the double lane entrance and a slightly narrower one for the exit.

A Speedgate at this location would really be put to the test. The car park is accessible day and night and the 700 parking spaces are intensively used by tourists, day trippers and other visitors. This requires a robust and reliable solution. The Xentry 3TP is such a solution. This Speedgate can open and close more than a thousand times a day without a moment’s delay. Being so close to the coast, the weather and climate effects are also very apparent. In professional terms, this is referred to as a C5 corrosion class situation, which stands for an industrial area or coastal area with high humidity and a high salt concentration. The Speedgates have therefore been finished with a top quality three layer powder coating to guarantee a long service life. This enables us to make our Speedgates suitable for even the most demanding conditions and environmental factors.

We completed the project in close consultation with all involved parties, making sure all aspects of the new construction could be efficiently harmonised. This involved, for example, the correct dimensions in relation to the facade, the positioning of detection loops, the location of cables and pipes, and practical agreements about the work to be carried out and the planning. This ensured the car park could be completed in line with the agreed specifications and schedule. This was especially welcome as the project forms part of the complete redevelopment of the Noordboulevard, including the pavilion, food hall, shops and catering establishments. A prestigious development managed by Strandweg Parking BV, a collaboration between Interparking and Hommerson Casino.

The car park is now in full use and is a popular parking location for visitors to Scheveningen. Visitors know their cars are well-protected while they’re out enjoying the beach and the boulevard.

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