Secure access for buildings, grounds and high security locations

From municipal car parks to prisons and embassies. Each government agency has its own character and procedures. HTC has acquired significant experience with putting adequate security in place for various different types of sites and buildings, but also with different types of contracts for acquisition and service provision. HTC can now also offer increasingly more “circular solutions” for both products and services.

Relevant to

Bus location Amsterdam

Bus location Amsterdam

Municipal Offices Hengelo

Municipal Offices Hengelo

Police building Amsterdam-Amstelland

Police building Amsterdam-Amstelland

Politie Amsterdam-Amstellland

Kroon Schedeledoekshaven Den Haag

Kroon Schedeledoekshaven Den Haag

Daily access to sites and buildings

HTC is always the perfect point of call for a national government where daily access to sites and buildings is concerned. From municipal parking sites, car parks, port sites, truck parking spaces to Rijkswaterstaat sites.

All of these government locations require reliable solutions for secure access. A solution which won’t result in any concerns about its operation. HTC’s professional service organisation and the smart IoT Xense system both serve to guarantee your speedgate’s operation. This means you can always enjoy carefree use of your speedgate. Plus our smart IoT Xense system even allows for complete remote technical management.

Prisons and courts

Securing high security locations like prisons and courts demands specialised solutions. HTC’s certified RSE advisors will provide you with suitable advice regarding the design of an extra high security vehicle entrance.

HTC can offer a safe solution for any situation imaginable, for example in the case of threats from people and vehicles, by using a combination of speedgates, bollards and road blockers. Our RSE advisors are specialised in designing entrances which require enhanced security. HTC’s range boasts various certified high security solutions for this purpose, like (RC2, 3, 4 & 5 and) FB6 ballistic protection, PAS68 and K12 Bollards & Road Blockers. HTC can also participate with DMBO projects.

Embassies, ministries, municipal & provincial housing

Many government buildings are classed as “landmarks” and have been carefully designed by architects. This naturally places extra demands on the vehicle entrance design.

It’s always desirable to align the speedgate design with the operational and security requirements where these “landmarks” are concerned. This is why HTC can offer a multitude of different options for expanding a speedgate with architectural elements. We like to think along with architects and thereby give them every opportunity to design a speedgate which perfectly matches the building’s architecture.

Security of temporary locations, conventions & disaster sites

Certain cases or situations will require temporary protection. This could include temporary hospitals, special secured transports from DNB, conventions with important foreign delegations. The Xentry Mobile has already proven its worth here plenty of times.

HTC is working on the development of Checkpoint together with defense for the high-violence spectrum. This checkpoint is being developed as a “future foundation” for international missions by Dutch military personnel.

Speedgate as a Service

The Speedgate as a Service concept means you get a speedgate on loan and HTC will remain the owner. Fewer concerns, no expensive investment, plus it’s better for the environment too.

Sustainable entrance

A speedgate can also contribute to a better environment and reduce CO2 emissions. How? Read all about it in the sustainable speedgate article.

Smart Service with Xense

Xense connects an Xentry speedgate to the internet. This smart service allows HTC to offer you 24/7 support, plus the data will provide you with an insight into the use of your speedgate.

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