Claxonate car park in Purmerend; Speedgates supplied with a 15 year guarantee

The public Claxonate car park in the centre of Purmerend was fitted with a half and a double driven Xentry 3TP Speedgate last October. A solution which perfectly meets the municipality of Purmerend’s requirements for being able to use the car park 24 hours a day, to make it more easily accessible and to make it look as welcoming as possible.

15 years of security for a fixed amount

This permanent availability of the car park is naturally going to require reliable Speedgates. The municipality has managed to realise this with the purchase of Xentry Speedgates. It’s also been reinforced with the service agreement which has been entered into, which means HTC will be taking care of all servicing, maintenance and replacements for a fixed amount per year for a total of 15 years. Naturally with the exception of collisions.

Xentry Speedgate parkeergarage Claxonate Purmerend

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