Speedgate as a Service, a future-oriented solution

Speedgate as a Service is HTC’s offer where you don’t need to buy a speedgate, but simply pay for its use.

HTC also takes responsibility for the reuse and recycling of the product and materials. This will allow you to meet your future environment and circularity obligations. This offer means we can all effectively work together to hand our planet over to the next generation.

*Speedgate as a Service is currently only offered in the Netherlands. Please inquire about availability in your country.


Pay for its use

With Speedgate as a Service, HTC retains ownership of the speedgate so there is no need for a large investment from your side.

The product remains the property of HTC, therefore there is no need for you to invest in the product, you only pay for the performance that the product delivers to you. As owners assosiation, this means no need for savings that are spend on replacement and maintenance, but a fixed amount/month for the residents who use it and for commercial parties, it means a shift from Capex to Opex.

Guaranteed performance

We agree on a guaranteed performance in terms of availability and security. If we do not achieve this, you get your money back.

It means we make sure that the Speedgate performs as well at the end of the contract period as it did just after delivery. We can guarantee this because we set up the location properly, produce a very high-quality product and handle service and maintenance intelligently with our IOT system Xense. You can follow this yourself online and we report this every year.

Sustainable product

In practical terms, a product is sustainable when it can be used for a long time, when parts and materials can be reused and when it requires little energy and maintenance.

A good layout of the location and proper maintenance prevent repairs. Repaired parts and returned Speedgates are refurbished as much as possible and reused. This greatly reduces CO2 emissions for the creation of new raw materials. Also smart management of the Speedgates will prevent breakdowns. Read more about HTC’s sustainable vision on sustainable speedgate.

Speedgate as a Service at Schiphol Express

Speedgate as a Service is the solution for Schiphol Express. Read more!

Production in the Netherlands

With its own production facility in the Netherlands, HTC is flexible in design and fast in service.

Smart service with Xense

Xense connects an Xentry speedgate to the internet. This smart service allows HTC to offer you 24/7 support, plus the data will provide you with an insight into the use of your speedgate.

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