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Many valuable goods are stored at logistics sites, whilst simultaneously there’s also a great deal of inbound and outbound transport of goods and people. That certainly makes it an area of ​​increased risk. In addition, there’s changing TAPA and ISPC legislation and the automated handling of goods is taking on increasing importance. A modern vehicle entrance can certainly be very appropriate here.

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Reliable solutions for logistics sites

The security of the vehicle entrance for a logistics site requires specific solutions. For example, the handling of trucks requires an adapted form of security. HTC has the required knowledge and products on offer for professional solutions which have been proven for decades.

HTC can provide you with effective advice about the dimensioning and layout of the vehicle entrance. An efficient layout ensures drivers are properly assisted and prevents damage when driving in and out. HTC has also developed trackless speedgates, especially for perimeter situations. These gates have no guidance at the top or bottom, making sure transport won’t experience any road surface or height restrictions. HTC speedgates are suitable for intensive use and are available in widths from 4 m to 12 m. A speedgate can therefore also be realised in tight situations (for example, when passing through the entrance at an angle). And finally, HTC also offers “remote technical management” options and a variety of servicing packages.


Automated handling of goods

Modern terminals automate the complete flow of goods. Arriving and departing goods and transports are scanned. HTC can install the necessary sensors around the Speedgates and integrate the control of these with access control or logistics software.

Operations are now being increasingly automated: referring a driver to the correct location, managing means of transport for the processing of cargo, recording the transport and cargo’s condition in order to prevent claims or for efficient processing. HTC organises the design of the access and the realisation and installation of the required hardware, including cameras, scanners and communication units, in collaboration with software parties.

Always an efficiently operating speedgate

Certainty about availability is essential for logistics parties. HTC can also provide its “Speedgate as a Service” model as an option. This is a solution which guarantees you a well-functioning entrance, without any form of investment, but with fixed costs throughout the period of use.

The Speedgate as a Service model means HTC retains ownership of the speedgate and guarantees availability and security of the installation throughout the contract period. This means no investment costs for you, but a contract purely based on fixed costs per usage period. A solution which will offer exactly what you’re looking for, i.e. the availability of an efficiently functioning vehicle entrance without any further worries. This model is also in line with the requirements which are going to be imposed on companies by the circular economy.

Temporary security of locations

Some situations will require a fast temporary solution. For example, if an entrance gate has been hit or fails, or if an extra entrance is temporarily needed for construction traffic. HTC’s mobile solutions can very quickly be deployed in such situations.

HTC’s mobile solutions consist of a series of solutions which are suitable for temporary use at locations. These mobile solutions vary from a quickly deployable vehicle entrance to be used for a few days, to a temporary speedgate which can be integrated in a construction road. HTC supplies these systems and our partners will take care of the subsequent rental.

Speedgate as a Service

The Speedgate as a Service concept means you get a speedgate on loan and HTC will remain the owner. Fewer concerns, no expensive investment, plus it’s better for the environment too.

Sustainable entrance

A speedgate can also contribute to a better environment and reduce CO2 emissions. How? Read all about it in the sustainable speedgate article.

Smart Service with Xense

Xense connects an Xentry speedgate to the internet. This smart service allows HTC to offer you 24/7 support, plus the data will provide you with an insight into the use of your speedgate.

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