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To ensure safe operation of a Speedgate, annual maintenance is required. Outside the Benelux countries, service and maintenance is provided by local HTC partners.

HTC will gladly put you in contact with the right partner. Please contact the export department.

Why should you choose a HTC partner for your maintenance?

  • HTC P&S develops and manufactures all speedgates itself
  • HTC trains its partners in the optimum maintenance of its products
  • Some partners have spare parts in stock
  • In the event of repair and damage, HTC can produce and deliver replacement parts very quickly.

This is what you can expect from a HTC partner

Three aspects are checked during maintenance: the intended use, technical operation and safety tests

Checking the intended use
  • Does the installation and its settings still correspond to everyday use? If necessary, this is reported and an adjustment proposal is made.
Technical inspection
  • The mechanical drive is checked and, if necessary, lubricated
  • The interaction between the controller and the drive is optimally adjusted
Checking the safety devices
  • The safety devices are tested: does the installation show the correct response when the safety devices are activated?
  • Measuring the safety devices: does the installation react quickly and forcefully enough when the safety devices are activated?

Lower costs with efficient maintenance

Parts wear out due to use, the settings may change, or the resistance can increase due to contamination. Timely repairs or replacements will often prevent expensive repairs.

Timely repairs
  • Reduces wear and tear, resulting in parts needing to be replaced less quickly.
  • Prevents other parts from being subjected to greater stress and wear, ultimately resulting in these also needing to be replaced. (For example, when a worn bearing is used for too long, the bearing housing often has to be replaced and possibly even the motor when this has been overloaded for a long time).
Replace parts on time during servicing
  • Prevents downtime due to faults
  • Is much cheaper than resolving a defective Speedgate’s acute fault

This is something you can do yourself

Regularly cleaning the speedgate and its immediate surroundings will reduce wear & tear and faults. You can easily do this yourself.

Check the environment
  • Check to make sure the wings aren’t rotating against anything. This could be a subsided pavement, grass, bushes or branches.
  • Regularly clean the photocells and radar units.
  • Keep the Speedgate clean. Cleaning the powder coating will protect against rust.

Production in the Netherlands

HTC’s own production location in the Netherlands means it can be flexible in its designs and fast with its service provision.

How much does a speedgate cost?

What you need to know about a speedgate’s purchase price, additional costs and lifespan.

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