What does a speedgate cost?

Purchase price, additional costs and lifespan

Total cost of ownership

The costs of a speedgate are not purely determined by the purchase price. The additional costs and the lifetime also form part of the TCO (total cost of ownership).

By additional costs we mean the costs for use, preventive maintenance and repairs. In addition, the speedgate’s lifespan is a determining factor for the costs calculated across the period of use, or the TCO. HTC’s speedgates are well-known for their long lifespan, resulting in a lower TCO.

A summary of all the costs

  • Purchase of the speedgate
  • Operating costs. This is the electricity needed for the speedgate. A speedgate consumes as much energy as a food processor, but only for 10 seconds at a time (open and close).
  • Preventive maintenance and repairs. HTC offers service subscriptions from € 540,- per year. Read more about our servicing packages and how we conduct our maintenance activities.
  • Lifespan and replacement. A speedgate with a long lifespan will have a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).


The amount of Speedgates HTC has placed

15 – 20 jaar

The lifespan of a well-maintained Speedgate

30 jaar

HTC has 30 years of experience with Speedgates

Save costs with good maintenance

Parts can wear out, settings can change, or the resistance can increase due to contamination throughout a speedgate’s period of usage. You can avoid expensive repairs by identifying and repairing this in time.

  • Good adjustments can reduce wear and tear, resulting in parts needing to be replaced less frequently.
  • The timely replacement of parts prevents a heavier load on the other speedgate parts. If, for example, a worn bearing is used for too long, this could result in the bearing housing, or even the actual motor, needing to be replaced.
  • Regular maintenance will prevent downtime due to faults. Regular maintenance is far cheaper than remedying an acute fault.

Service packages

With a service package from HTC, you are assured of proper maintenance.

Xense, data and service

The IoT system Xense gives you insight into your speedgate usage and 24/7 support from HTC.

Production in The Netherlands

HTC’s speedgates are manufactured in the Netherlands.

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