Speedgates for intensive use

Commercial parking providers want to be able to guarantee safe parking for their customers. A speedgate plays an important part here. HTC’s speedgates will provide you with fast and permanent access protection, even with intensive use.

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Parking garage Hoptille Amsterdam

Parking garage Hoptille Amsterdam

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Amsterdamse Poort P23 Amsterdam

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Parking garage Turfschip Breda

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Parking garage Sportzone Dordrecht

HTC speedgates for intensive use

A speedgate for a commercial parking facility is subjected to intensive and constant use. Customers also want their car or vehicle to be parked safely. This therefore puts extra high demands on the speedgate.

When you choose HTC, you’re opting for 30 years of experience in designing entrances for commercial parking facilities. HTC speedgates have been specifically developed for intensive, constant and long-term use. They therefore deliver the constant performance required for a safe entrance. The high quality has resulted in the HTC speedgates boasting a long lifespan and requiring less maintenance. This means that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is lower compared to other products in the market.

The parking experience starts at the entrance

Many municipalities attach a great deal of value to top quality parking locations in order to create an attractive city centre. That experience starts with the parking location’s appearance and entrance. HTC therefore offers architects a multitude of opportunities to turn that entrance into the building’s first “wow” moment.

The construction of the speedgates, whereby all technology is incorporated in the structural parts, has already resulted in a sleek and top quality appearance. The perfect experience can be created by efficiently choosing the interpretation of the wings and the colour scheme. HTC offers a multitude of options for this, whereby all functional requirements can be met too.

Remote technical management through 24/7 monitoring

Managers of a commercial parking facility will naturally always want to avoid any possible downtime. HTC’s service organisation can offer you 24/7 support with Xense’s smart service.

Both physically and via remote diagnosis and support. The Xense system also provides a detailed user report and allows for complete remote technical management. HTC will train your service department in the use of Xense and/or the provision of 1st line service upon request.

Speedgate as a Service

The Speedgate as a Service concept means you get a speedgate on loan and HTC will remain the owner. Fewer concerns, no expensive investment, plus it’s better for the environment too.

Sustainable entrance

A speedgate can also contribute to a better environment and reduce CO2 emissions. How? Read all about it in the sustainable speedgate article.

Smart Service with Xense

Xense connects an Xentry speedgate to the internet. This smart service allows HTC to offer you 24/7 support, plus the data will provide you with an insight into the use of your speedgate.

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