This full-service solution is both a gate and a security facility in one. The folding gate opens and closes silently and up to 10 times faster. It is secure, certified and robust, but without disregard to design.

Data & service

Xense connects Xentry Speedgates to the Internet and allows users, administrators and service parties real-time support in the use of the Speed Gate. Xense increases reliability and ease of use and lowers maintenance and management costs.

Bollards & blockers

This crash-test certified solution has been installed globally. Pevac products have a reputation for their speed and robustness. We produce extremely reliable models for various threat levels.

HTC Parking & Security

We are the European market leader in Speedgates. We develop and manufacture everything in-house in a hi-tech production environment.
We proudly bear the TÜV mark of approval.

With over 25 years’ experience in the business, we enable our customers to find the best solution for all parking and security issues. We focus on satisfying customers. All parts of our business and all links in the production chain operate on this premise. With our products, parking will never be the same for you or your customers.

Peter Thun
GRONINGEN - groninger forum - 001
GRONINGEN - groninger forum - 001

Featured project

Speedgate Xentry 3 Groninger Forum

As speed, security and a suitable design were requirements for the garage entrance, a Speedgate was already included in the building specifications. We have realised this with love.

Speedgate Xentry 3TP
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