Official “Solar Power Transfer”

Solar panels for staff. We call that smart looking ahead.

The time had come on Friday 6th December: the official ‘Solar power transfer’. Our employees were also able to generate their own solar energy one month after the 1,104 solar panels had been put into use on our factory roof. A good time to officially stop and think about this. Installing these solar panels perfectly fits in with our sustainability philosophy. That’s because working on a sustainable, liveable and green future is important to us. We do this in various different ways. These include investing in top quality materials, efficient production methods and innovative technologies. And now with solar panels on our factory roof, which means we can produce our Speedgates in a completely energy-neutral manner. One important condition here was that our employees would also be able to benefit from this sustainable solar energy. And that’s exactly what we did! Our successful collaboration with Zonnestroom Nederland has resulted in several HTC parking & security employees now also being able to experience the advantages of solar panels on their own roofs. They can now cost effectively generate their own electricity. Nice for the wallet and incredibly sustainable. This sustainable project hasn’t just allowed HTC to take good care of the world and society around us, but also of our employees. We call that smart looking ahead. Something which truly comes natural to us. Whether it concerns advice to our customers, our company vision or the involvement of our employees. We always look at the bigger picture in everything we do, so everyone can benefit from new possibilities, insights and techniques.

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