HTC Parking & Security

Innovative, safe and sustainable – for 30 years

Who we are

We are the European market leader in Speedgates.

We develop and manufacture everything in-house in a hi-tech production environment. We owe our leading position on the market to the constant efforts of our R&D department and our industrial designers. We have helped a traditionally crafted product to evolve into an industrial standard unmatched by the competition.


What we do

With our products, parking will never be the same again for you or your customers. They will feel the speed and safety as soon as they enter the car park. The easy and safe access will leave you with a sense of security when the gate has been closed before any unauthorised persons can enter.

Why we do it

Everyone who works at HTC is mad about the products we produce. We are all committed to getting the very best out of our products. This passion intensifies our professional expertise and the pride with which we work.

What we want

We want to help each and every customer find the best possible solution for their parking and security needs, one which eases your concerns, because not only should it function properly, it should also look good. Our service and maintenance department will help ensure that it remains the perfect solution for many years to come.

And how we do this

We focus on satisfying customers. All parts of our business and all links in the production chain operate on this premise. We are so focused on quality, that we are forever asking ourselves the question: ‘Can we do this better?’ We see this challenging approach as a right and duty of our staff, ultimately resulting in innovation. At the same time, our working climate is friendly and secure.

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