Xense, making an
entrance... smart

Smart service and data managment with Xense

Making an entrance … smart

Safe and comfortable living and working requires safe and comfortable access to parking.
An access which informs, gives peace of mind and reduces costs. An access which is above all, reliable and easy to use, but also ensures no unauthorized entry.

Xense connects Speedgates and vehicle entrances with the internet and ensures that users, managers and service partners have real-time support in using the Speedgate. This gives a host of opportunities to increase reliability and ease of use and to reduce maintenance and management costs.

* Availability of Xense depends on the location and service offer of HTC’s local partner


With Xense, Xentry speed gates become even more operationally secure and easier to manage …. at lower cost

Predictive maintenance
Downtime is avoided
Reduce maintenance and management cost

schema Xense

Managers gain an insight into the performance of the access and the behaviour of the users. They are advised on preventive, corrective or reparative maintenance, and are handled with a minimum of effort.

Gaining insight into the use of the Speedgate is the basis for our advice on proper use, security and maintenance. Using the Speedgate as a sensor platform offers unprecedented opportunities.

Coupling with modern access control systems makes versatile usage and secure remote operation possible.

Service partners are given advice about the maintenance operations to be carried out and can be remotely supported by a specialist who is watching the system in “real-time”.

A malfunction or a collision is immediately detected and remotely diagnosed. A prepared service partner can repair the gate quickly. Moreover, it is absolutely clear what happened by capturing and combining sensor and video data.

Downtime is avoided and costs saved by early replacement of components during a scheduled preventive service that are likely to breakdown before the following
scheduled service.

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