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HTC supplies Pevac bollards, blockers and barriers. Pevac products are well-known for their robustness and speed. We produce reliable models for a variety of different threat levels.

Pevac road blockers, bollards and barriers

Pevac’s products have been a trusted name in protection, safe closure and traffic regulation for many years. HTC is the right place to turn for road blockers, bollards and barriers. We have over 30 years of experience with Pevac’s products.

Fast traffic regulation and protection

Pevac’s road blockers, bollards and barriers are used in a wide range of markets worldwide. The products are robust and vandal-resistant and suitable for traffic regulation and protection. The barriers close and open quickly and are easy to operate. Like the road blockers and bollards, the barriers can be operated by all standard control systems. All products are available in an environment-friendly design or with a high-security look.

Effective security

The products are designed for different threat levels. From high impact to extreme impact. The products are optionally available crash-test certified: the US DOS rating (K4-K8-K12) or the European PAS-68 (up to 7500 kg @ 80km/h). For maximum protection, a combination of Pevac products with speedgates is possible. Our certified RSE advisers will advise you accordingly. You can read more about it on our High Security Solutions page.

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