Stylish total solution for Blok van Gendt

The brand-new and sustainable Q-Park Blok van Gendt car park has been opened on the Noord-Buitensingel in Venlo, with a capacity of two hundred parking spaces. There are solar panels on the roof, the LED lighting operates with movement sensors and the building materials used in the construction can largely be reused. In short, a beautiful project which perfectly fits in with HTC parking & security’s sustainability vision. The construction company, Aan de Stegge Twello, commissioned us to supply the Speedgates, wicket doors and additional fencing.

A total of two Speedgates had to be installed: a ‘half’ Xentry 3TP Speedgate with two panels for the entrance and a complete Xentry 3TP Speedgate with four panels for the exit. A conscious choice was made to use two panels at the entrance, which open to one side in order to create maximum clearance width. We always pay attention to the vehicle flow, the environment and the safety of users and those in the vicinity when searching for the most optimal layout. For example, both the Blok van Gendt’s entrance and exit are situated on a street with a footpath next to it. In such situations it’s crucial to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and to take any unsuspecting passers-by into account. We do this by advising on the correct dimensions and products and by applying clear markings, traffic lights and detection sensors. In addition, we ensured the Speedgates, the wicket doors and the fencing perfectly blend in with the architectural style and surroundings. Every single detail has been carefully thought about, like allowing the bottom and top beams to run in one line, perfectly matching the colour scheme and installing a reinforced circular plate for securing the payment terminal.

The most important challenge on this occasion, however, was the fact that only a limited amount of drilling was allowed into the walls. That’s because these are protected as monumental structures. This was no problem, as we installed the Speedgates on anchors in the floor. We found a solution in the form of special tubes and supports for the fencing and wicket doors, which we attached to the Speedgates. This ensured a solid fixation to the foundation and it therefore wasn’t necessary to fully attach the fencing and wicket doors to the wall. A few screws were fitted into the wall for some additional stability and to prevent any play, although no significant force is applied to them.

We implemented all of this in close consultation with the construction company, the architect and Q-Park. From the development of the drawings to the actual installation of the Speedgates. This allowed us to deliver a total solution which meets all the requirements and wishes.

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