Logistics masterpiece for Interface Terminal Ghent

Interface Terminal Ghent (ITG) is strategically located at the Kluizendok in the port of Ghent. Many transports leave this ultra modern container terminal every day by road, rail, inland navigation and short sea shipping. Its central location, excellent access and short turnaround time of thirty minutes have certainly contributed to this success story. This requires excellent security and efficient access. That’s why ITG invested in HTC parking & security’s Speedgates.

A unique project whereby the Speedgates are directly connected to Cofano Software Solutions’ logistics software. The realisation of this integrated solution involved working out various concepts and scenarios. Particular attention was paid to vehicle flow, available space and safety requirements. Examples include the International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS code) for the security of ships and port facilities. The Speedgates’ guaranteed uptime and optimal reliability are of vital importance in this respect. We ultimately replaced the existing sliding gate with several advanced Xentry Speedgates in combination with a new fence, registration columns, QR readers and access cameras. Fully integrated with the Cofano software.

This intelligent logistics system streamlines the entire loading and unloading process at the terminal. From booking a time slot to collecting or delivering goods, containers or bulk. The driver scans a QR code at the entrance. Does the code match the registration number, container number and the time? Then the Speedgate will automatically open. At the same time, a terminal employee will receive a signal with the correct data, making sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. The Speedgates’ speed and robust operation guarantee optimal vehicle flow without any congestion. Drivers without a prior appointment are also still welcome. They can obtain an access code via the self-service functionality.

The integration between our hardware and the Cofano software went very smoothly. We complement each other well, both where the product and the company are concerned. Marco Huijsman, Director at Cofano explains: “There was an instant click with HTC and our products are also fully complementary from a technical perspective. The possibilities are literally endless. You have the option of further digitising the entire logistics chain and optimising vehicle flows by, for example, combining this solution with transport management systems. This isn’t just convenient and time-saving, it’s certainly also a great deal more sustainable and you’ll need fewer people at the gate.” So it’s not particularly surprising there’s now a great deal of interest from various port terminals, distribution companies and logistics sites.

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