Perforated art-punch plating: a true eye-catcher

The new-build Oostenburg Q-Park car park on Oostenburgereiland in Amsterdam was commissioned at the beginning of March. A modern, future-proof car park that offers visitors a trouble-free parking experience in part thanks to the fast and reliable Xentry 3TP Speedgates with perforated art-punch plating at both the entrance and exit points

Appearance-wise this new car park is a real attention-grabber that blends in well with the robust, industrial environment. The façade is made from concrete featuring unique reliefs of rush mats and natural stone. Initially, the Speedgates were supplied with robust, dense plating. However, the architect had something special in mind, namely perforated steel plates fitted with VOC (Dutch East India Company) illustrations from the Rijksmuseum. At HTC parking & security, we’re happy to work with requests like this. Based on the illustrations, a pattern of perforations was achieved in the plating that gives a wonderfully industrial and artistic effect.

Everyone who enters or exits the car park is treated to a pleasant parking experience and an enchanting view that pays homage to Oostenburgereiland’s illustrious past.

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