New Speedgate for Dokhaven sewage treatment

The old Speedgate on the Rotterdam Dokhaven site was due for a replacement. This access gate had more than proved its worth since 2005 and was now allowed to retire. As its replacement, we installed a modern Xentry STS Speedgate without a guide and with a drive in the columns, making sure there’s no restriction in headroom. This is ideal, as the fence is ‘only’ 2.10 metres in height. Opting for a trackless version will also allow trucks to very easily enter and exit the site.

We replaced the Speedgate over a weekend, making sure we caused as little inconvenience as possible. We removed the old entrance gate on Friday. This created an interruption in the road surface, as this was a Speedgate with a gutter. So we closed this first. We were subsequently able to position the new Speedgate and pour the concrete. This ensured the concrete had plenty of time to set over the weekend, allowing us to finish the installation on Monday. This was still a matter of connecting, testing and completing. It goes without saying we always extensively check the Speedgate’s correct functioning and, above all, safety. In this specific case that safety was additionally guaranteed.

Waterschap Hollandse Delta was very satisfied with the smooth completion of the work.

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