New Speedgate for Dokhaven sewage treatment plant

The old Speedgate at the Rotterdam Dokhaven site was due for replacement. This entrance gate had done faithful service since 2005 and had earned its retirement. In its place we have installed a modern, unguided Xentry STS Speedgate with a drive in the columns to allow unlimited headroom. This is ideal given that the height of the railings is ‘only’ 2.10 metres. By opting for trackless operation, trucks are able to simply drive in and out of the site.

So as to minimise any inconvenience, we replaced the Speedgate over the weekend. On Friday we took away the old entrance gate. Because this was a Speedgate that had an underdrain, this resulted in a gap in the road surface. First of all, we made this good. After that, we positioned the new Speedgate and poured the concrete. Over the weekend the concrete had plenty of time to harden so that come Monday we were able to complete the installation. This was a case of connecting it up, testing and handing over. As part and parcel of that, we carried out extensive testing to ensure the Speedgate was working correctly and, above all, safely. In this case, safety was additionally guaranteed by means of a traffic light, coloured LED strips and laser scanners that detect vehicles.

The Hollandse Delta Water Authority was satisfied with the smooth execution of the project and pleased with the end result. The Speedgate works nice and smoothly and as far as design is concerned it goes really well with the existing railings.

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