Design Speedgate for Hengelo’s municipal office

Hengelo’s municipal office is back in the centre of the city. It has now been combined into one building for all of the city’s citizens together with the adjacent monumental town hall, which has defined Hengelo’s skyline since 1963. It has really become an authentic Hengelo building. A connection between old and new, with many references to the past. Hengelo’s steel technology, the half-timbered farms, the salt towers and the natural local materials, like wood and brick, are all reflected in the design.

A car park with 67 parking spaces for employees is located below the new municipal office. The entrance to the car park is your first introduction to the building upon arrival. An Xentry 3TP Speedgate with brown-beige cladding, incorporating the image of a salt tower, forms one whole with the facade. The traffic light turns green as soon as a vehicle is recognised and the Speedgate opens silently and quickly. The employee can subsequently enter the modern car park. Exactly as the architect had intended

The new municipal offices, complete with Speedgate, were handed over at the beginning of February and both employees and visitors are really enthusiastic about the final overall look that has become a wonderful reflection of their city.

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