Making an entrance smart

Technology and innovation, at HTC we simply can’t do without. It helps us to develop increasingly smarter products and solutions which contribute to the modern management of buildings, sites and installations. Making sure customers and users can live, reside and work safely and comfortably. Now, soon and in the future too.

We do this by realising vehicle entrances which owners, maintenance employees and users can rely on at all times and under any circumstances. Whether it concerns an entrance to a car park, access to a business park, the security of a distribution centre, or the entrance to an apartment complex, HTC’s Xentry Speedgates can guarantee smooth access for residents, staff, suppliers and/or customers. At the same time, they’ll make sure no one can simply enter a site or building. 

We take that worry-free protection to an even higher level with Xense. Xense is an IoT application which provides an insight into your Speedgate’s performance. The direct result: 

  • More control and effective management
  • Higher uptime and a longer lifespan 
  • Lower maintenance and management costs 

So how does this work exactly? We can monitor all of a Speedgate’s components 24/7 with a combination of smart sensors, software and cloud technology. This enables us to carry out customised maintenance (predictive maintenance) and come up with remote diagnoses (remote diagnostics). This, in turn, allows us to predict maintenance moments and coordinate activities in line with the Speedgate’s condition. This can include the preventive replacement of parts before they actually become faulty. And if something does happen to go wrong? Then we can very quickly identify the cause and proactively and remotely manage a fault engineer. He will then head out to site with the right parts and can efficiently repair the fault. This saves time, costs and any possible environmental impact. 

Insight into this data isn’t just reserved for HTC’s service department, but can also be made available to Homeowners Associations managers, site managers, garage managers, facility managers and owners, who can subsequently monitor their Speedgate’s performance via an online dashboard. Has a resident called the HOA manager because the car park’s Speedgate isn’t opening? Then the employee will instantly be able to see whether there is a fault. Isn’t that the case? Then there’s something else going on. For example, the problem could be a flat battery in the resident’s hand-held transmitter. The manager will quickly be able to come up with the right diagnosis without the need for an (unnecessary) visit to the location. Resulting in a happy manager and a happy resident. Or how about a Speedgate which isn’t working properly, whereby we can remotely determine that the sensor is dirty? Something very easy and quick to resolve with a clean cloth, you certainly don’t need a service engineer for that. You can also easily retrieve data about the number of movements in a day, as well as information about peak and off-peak hours. It goes without saying these are just a few examples of the benefits an online dashboard like this can offer. Whether you’re tech savvy or not at all, Xense will definitely add a new dimension to the Speedgate experience. After all, you’re literally and figuratively connected to your entrance. 

Good to know: we set every new Speedgate up with Xense preparation as standard. That’s what we refer to as Smart & Safe. Our customers can subsequently decide for themselves whether they want to make use of real-time online monitoring in combination with proactive servicing and tailor-made maintenance: the Xense servicing package. Do you want to go one step further? Then there’s Xense Premium, which includes video recording. Very useful if you want to find out the exact cause of an incident or collision.

View our digital Xense Service folder for more information about our servicing packages.

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