The powder coating? They take care of it themselves!

HTC parking & security’s Speedgates have come supplied with a top quality coating by CP Phenolics, specialist and market leader in the surface treatment field in the broadest sense of the word, for many years. CP Phenolics can offer anything from stock, from powder coatings to wet paints and thermally cured coatings. They naturally turned to HTC when they themselves were looking for a replacement for their old sliding gate. Wick Vermeulen, Sales Manager at CP Phenolics, says: “If one of Speedgates’ largest suppliers is a good and valued customer, why should we look any further?”

It really had to be something beautiful. After all, the vehicle entrance is the first introduction to the company for visitors, customers and suppliers. The key words? “Security, quality and appearance,” says Wick. No problem at all. We opted for an Xentry STS for both the site’s entrance and exit, without under or overhead guidance, making sure cars, forklift trucks and trucks can all drive in and out unhindered. But we started off with discussing the entire layout in detail. How wide should the gate be? What is the ideal position for the Speedgates? How do vehicles enter and exit the site? Where should the stop lines and detection loops be positioned? How can suppliers, visitors and employees sign in? Are there pedestrians or cyclists to consider?

This inventory ultimately resulted in a fully equipped vehicle entrance. Including an intercom for visitors, a mobile module for employees and a number of separate hand-held transmitters. The brand new entrance and exit were delivered as a ‘turn-key’ solution. Well, almost. CP Phenolics did first need to apply a top quality powder coating in the desired RAL colour to their own Speedgates. “The preparation first involves sandblasting the various steel parts. We then apply a zinc layer and primer, after which the final powder coating provides the ultimate finishing touch. We opted for a dark grey, industrial look for our brand new fencing. Perfectly suited to our building and the professional look we were aiming for,” according to Wick.

The Speedgates have been in use for a while now and they are still happy with them. Wick: “I always recommend HTC when other companies are looking for a new entrance gate. You can rest assured HTC will supply you with a quality product. Plus they provide an excellent level of service thanks to short lines and a pleasant, transparent way of communicating. They are therefore certainly a perfect match for CP Phenolics, both as a customer and as a supplier. A fantastic collaboration, which we’d definitely also like to continue with in the future.”

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