Speedgate with a ‘New York City vibe’ in Rotterdam

You’ll feel like you’ve arrived in the centre of New York, but you’re really still in our own Maasstad. Robust brick facades, large windows, steel footbridges, balconies, stairs and fencing. 

The new Little C construction project at the Coolhaven in Rotterdam, between the Erasmus MC and the Hogeschool Rotterdam, has a cool, urban feel to it, with an intimate ‘Village vibe’. Similar to Brooklyn & New York’s industrial look, with plenty of exclusive apartments, lofts and commercial spaces. Residents can park their car in the car park underneath one of the buildings. A car park which naturally also needed to be equipped with a matching entrance.

The moment you enter the car park should feel like coming home. That was certainly an important starting point for us when we were asked to design the entrance to this car park. We therefore worked on this design in close collaboration with the builder and architect. This kind of collaboration is incredibly important for a project like this, as our Speedgate isn’t installed until the final phase. And it goes without saying plenty can still change in the meantime. Good contact about drawings and specifications is therefore essential.

We opted for a double-powered Xentry 2TP Speedgate, making sure both parts can move independently of each other to allow for comfortable entering and exiting. Naturally equipped with detection loops and traffic lights to regulate traffic on the ramp. Pedestrians and cyclists were also given their very own wicket door with an electric lock and door opener. We have equipped the typesetting with steel plating in the same colour as the Speedgate for the perfect industrial look. And the ‘Little C’ name was milled into the plating, as well as the words ‘Car Park’ and ‘Bicycles’ above the respective entrances to top it all off.

The result is a perfectly complete picture. A place where you return home as a resident and feel safe and comfortable. With the big city dynamics literally just around the corner. A feeling that starts the moment you arrive at the car park and the Speedgate smoothly and quickly opens up in front of you.

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