Upgrading the Hoptille and Haardstee residents’ car parks

Various renovation projects have taken place in Amsterdam-Zuidoost in recent years. These include the renovation of the car parks for a number of residential blocks. The Hakfort car park’s new image has already been addressed. The activities at the Hoptille and Haardstee residential car parks have now also been completed.

We installed a total of eight Xentry 2TP Speedgates for this project. The two car parks are identical to each other and consist of two levels, each with its own entrance and exit. The car parks were dark and cluttered in the old situation. This was changed by installing modern Speedgates in combination with a wicket door and open fences. The car parks have been given a more open character and, at the same time, are optimally secured. Partly down to the reliable, smooth and fast Speedgate movements.

The clearance width at the locations where the Speedgates were to be installed was very narrow, so we implemented a customised solution with the aid of various modifications. Naturally, focussing on security and ease of use. We also had to take a relatively thin construction floor on the upper parking level into account, as was the case with the Hakfort car park. We were able to effectively install the Speedgates in consultation with the municipality and concrete repairer Balm BV. We also used special plates for installing the detection loops, so there was no need to cut into the floor.

This allowed us to create an attractive solution for modern and safe access, whilst also taking various environmental factors into account. The renovated car parks were also tested by an independent consultancy firm in the field of parking performance during the preliminary phase. The results of this study were positive. Both car parks have undergone a true metamorphosis and now boast a fresh, light and pleasant appearance. This part of the public space has therefore now been successfully upgraded and the inconvenience experienced by residents for many years has now become a thing of the past.

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