Xentry Mobile’s golden edge

More than 14 thousand gold bars, a thousand boxes of gold coins and 4.5 billion euros in banknotes were moved from Amsterdam to Haarlem. That’s no ordinary move. This large-scale relocation operation by De Nederlandse Bank involved the Department of Defence, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the police. Nothing was left to chance and months of thorough preparation preceded it. Months during which, among other things, a safe zone was created. Both for the point of departure from De Nederlandse Bank and for the destination at Joh’s former money printing works. Enschedé in Haarlem.

Creating a safe zone

A safe zone is essential during the loading and unloading of valuable cargo. After all, an operation like that requires optimal protection against unauthorised persons and prying eyes from outside. The Xentry Mobile Speedgate is perfect for this type of situation. As a Speedgate opens and closes ten times faster than a traditional sliding gate and closes automatically after each vehicle, the fence line remains unbroken for as short a time as possible and the safe zone remains intact. At the same time, you want to keep inconvenience to a minimum, so it must be possible to set up and disassemble the entire security system at lightning speed. This has also been taken into consideration. The mobile Speedgate is easy to transport, partly as a result of the 20-foot container platform. Once on site, it’s simply a matter of positioning and connecting everything up. The mobile Speedgate can be positioned on, or buried into, a surfaced road, using a crane or forklift truck. Additional threshold plates are used when the Speedgate is positioned on a surfaced road. The coupling system ensures subsequently attaching the Speedgate to a fence is literally a piece of cake. Canvas sheeting is used to completely hide the location from view, not just attractive, but certainly also very functional.

Optimal protection in high security situations

Safe City Solutions realised the entire safe zone for De Nederlandse Bank’s gold transport. Including the fencing, vehicle-resistant concrete barriers and a mobile Speedgate. As a HTC parking & security partner, they focus on developing the market for temporary security and mobile vehicle entry systems. The Xentry Mobile Speedgate has now more than proved its worth in various high security situations. A second mobile Speedgate has now been purchased by rental company Boels. This Speedgate has also been successfully used during the transport of gold.

Efficient access and smart integrations

Not only is the Xentry Mobile of value in high security situations, the mobile Speedgate also offers a solution for securing construction sites or events. Temporary locations with a great deal of activity and where valuable equipment, vehicles and people all come together. This often results in complex, chaotic situations which require well-organised and secure access. In addition to security, the focus here is on providing efficient access at the lowest possible cost. This can be achieved through smart integrations. For example, the mobile Speedgate can be linked to various access control systems. From manual operation to fully autonomous systems, which enable unmanned access control for vehicles. Including, for example, tag readers, QR code scanners or license plate recognition. Booking a time slot, or registering a vehicle category or environmental class are also possible thanks to optional sensors and cameras. This will allow you to realise controlled, manned or unmanned access control which meets all requirements.

More information

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