Gildenkwartier Utrecht

A folding fence boasting an impressive width of 32 meters for Gildenkwartier Utrecht

An imposing fence on the Catharijnesingel in Utrecht effectively hides the indoor dispatch yard from view, which is used, for example, for the supply of the MediaMarkt. This unique folding gate, boasting an impressive width of 32 meters, features a natural pattern and perfectly fits in with the Gildenkwartier’s redevelopment. This redevelopment has given the building a completely new and more contemporary look and feel. This includes the new construction and renovation of shops, offices and apartments. Plus a new plinth of about 10 meters high will be placed on the outside. The fencing forms part of this and ensures the station area is once again given an attractive appearance.

HTC parking & security has been working together with a renowned Swiss supplier for this assignment, who produced and installed the folding gate on our behalf. Naturally in accordance with the highest possible standards in terms of quality and safety. The fencing was installed at the end of December 2019 and it was put into operation during the second week of January

We ultimately carried out some additional work following this initial completion, including fully automating the opening and closing of the gate. Project Manager André de Koning: “The client initially opted for manual operation of the fencing, but, upon closer inspection, they realised they preferred the fence to be fully automated in accordance with the machine guideline, comparable to our Xentry Speedgates. Luckily we were able to realise this afterwards. We recently completed these final technical adjustments, so the Gildenkwartier now has 32 metre wide, state-of-the-art, fully automatic fencing.”


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