Super Trackless Speedgate on prefab foundation

The Xentry STS is the ultimate solution for all locations where efficient access for car and truck traffic is essential. It’s therefore certainly not surprising that we’re regularly asked to install these trackless Speedgates at logistics locations, in ports and in industrial estates. The Xentry STS has no guides at the top or bottom, which means there’s no limitation where the clearance height is concerned and the road surface remains uninterrupted. Ideal for the passage of heavy and high vehicles. Plus the Xentry STS’ 12 metre width is certainly also unique in the Netherlands.

As well as efficient access, optimal safety is naturally also an important prerequisite for these types of locations and sites. The Xentry STS also excels in this area. For example, the Speedgate moves so smoothly and quickly that every vehicle can enter and exit completely unhindered.

The risk of any unauthorised vehicles entering at the same time is reduced to an absolute minimum. But what about access and security during installation? Opting for a ready-made solution on a foundation means the vehicle entrance can be put into use almost immediately. This means the access doesn’t need to be closed for an unnecessarily long period of time.

The Xentry STS on a foundation is completely built, tested and assembled in our factory. This saves valuable time during installation and the production conditions in our factory are optimal too. The complete construction, including the concrete foundation block, is then loaded onto the truck to be installed at the destination in one foul swoop. Once connected and set up, the Speedgate can then immediately be put to use. In short, the Xentry STS on a foundation is literally an ideal ‘plug and play’ solution for any situation which requires efficiency, speed and safety.

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