Speedgate as a Service, a sustainable solution

Sustainability is the future. HTC offers a solution for this with Speedgate as a Service: our offer where you don’t buy a Speedgate, but simply pay for using it. HTC also takes full responsibility for the reuse and recycling of the product and materials. Circulair Ondernemen wrote an article about this.

Circular Business Practice

Circular Business Practice is the matchmaking platform for circular entrepreneurs. The platform is committed to connecting entrepreneurs, employees and those interested in the circular economy. They put them in touch with experts from the business community, knowledge institutions and the government. These specialists can support entrepreneurs with specific issues. Circulair Ondernemen believes in the power of connection: “You can achieve a great deal more by working together and sharing knowledge. In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that you simply can’t do without each other in a circular system.”

Speedgate as a Service

The article explains Speedgate as a Service, a sustainable solution for vehicle entrances. The product remains HTC’s property with our Speedgate as a Service. You therefore don’t need to invest in the product, but you only pay for the performance the product provides you with. HTC provides complete servicing, maintenance, reuse and recycling services too. We can also guarantee that the Speedgate will still be performing as effectively at the end of the contract period as it did soon after starting. We will agree on a guaranteed performance level in the form of availability and security. We’ll be able to refurbish and reuse parts and returned Speedgates wherever possible, as all servicing and maintenance activities will be carried out by HTC itself. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions for creating new raw materials. Smart management of the Speedgates by preventing fault call-outs will also contribute to this.

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