HTC’s Sustainable entrance vision

HTC operates sustainably and circularly in various different areas. This includes HTC’s very clear vision about what a sustainable entrance should be; a vehicle entrance which helps users pass comfortably, the materials of which can be used for as long as possible and which can be subject to smart maintenance. Business Innovation Manager Stefan Morssink talks about this during an interview with Circo about circularity and sustainable business operations. 

Making an entrance sustainable

HTC is improving the speedgates’ environmental performance by making three aspects more sustainable. Firstly, the products have been improved in such a way that they can be used for longer. The products are constructed using components which can be exchanged and reused at a modular level. The service is also offered with as little environmental impact as possible. HTC’s service can be used remotely by using IoT. And finally, the products aren’t just sold, but also offered, which means the customer will only be paying for their use. HTC remains fully responsible for servicing, maintenance, reuse and recycling.

Intrinsic motivation

“We’ve become intrinsically motivated because we can clearly see our children no longer have the same perspective in the world as we do” Stefan states during the interview with Circo. HTC wants to change this by making the use of materials and energy more sustainable. There’s definitely also been a clear shift in the market, with customers now increasingly thinking long-term. “People aren’t just looking for an attractive price when buying, but also want an attractive price so they can continue to enjoy carefree use of a product for 20 years.” It’s also quite striking that possession no longer appears to be a condition for convenience and availability, and is even seen as a burden. The younger generation in particular prefers to pay for the use of a product.

Circo Track

HTC participated with a Circo Track, whereby a circular proposition was developed. This process also mapped out which changes in services and products are going to be needed in order to meet this proposition. Would you like to know more about this Circo Track and what it has resulted in for us? Watch the full interview with Stefan below.

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