Cool Xentry Speedgate for Kraanbolwerk Zwolle

The new Kraanbolwerk construction project is a residential and living area along the edge of the centre of Zwolle, inspired by this location’s industrial past. Contractor BAM Bouw en Techniek asked HTC parking & security to provide the underground car park with more than 180 parking spaces for residents with an Xentry 3TP Speedgate.

The project was completed in several phases. This resulted in a challenge in relation to the use of the car park. After all, the first residents already wanted to be able to park their cars, while the ultimate design wasn’t quite definitive yet. We were certainly happy to think along about a workable solution in the form of a temporary entrance and secure closure. We wanted to do this as efficiently as possible and waste as little money, time and resources as possible. Using this as our starting point, we designed the access control in such a way that we could initially use it as a temporary entrance with a roller door. This meant the residents could already use the car park and it could be securely closed, while the entrance could be moved to the final location without too much effort at a later stage. Obviously including a Speedgate.

The architectural consultancy Zecc Architecten had a special interpretation in mind for the design of the Speedgate, namely with welded steel slats. A design which would seamlessly fit in with the sturdy and characterful appearance of the homes and apartments. This wouldn’t just give the Speedgate a sleek appearance, but it would also limit any insight from the outside. This is certainly also pleasant for residents of the adjacent houseboats, who will therefore not be bothered by the glare of headlights in the car park. It goes without saying we matched the colour of the Speedgate and adjacent wicket door to the rest of the design’s frames and fencing.

The project has now been completed. Kraanbolwerk has become an attractive residential area close to the centre of Zwolle, including an underground car park with a top quality Speedgate.

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