A completely new automatic car wash including Speedgate

You’ve just had your car washed sparkling clean in the car wash. The programme has finished, the roller door slides upwards… and the dirty water on the roller door drips onto your newly polished pride and joy. There must be another way, thought Ben Nobel, owner of the eponymous Total petrol station and car wash in Nieuw-Beijerland. With that idea in mind, he began looking for an automatic folding door for his new car wash. Via various door suppliers this brought him ultimately to HTC parking & security. “The door panels must slide open on both sides and the door must be fully sealable to keep the water and heat inside”, according to Ben.

Inward opening door panels

With that brief, André de Koning, project leader at HTC, set to work. “Although we normally supply Speedgates for car parks, apartment complexes, business parks, high-security locations or ambulance access, for example, an application of this kind is also quite possible. The most obvious option in this case was the Xentry 3TP with overhead drive. Together with Ben, I then looked into how exactly the entrance gate would need to be installed and what conditions it would have to cope with. One of the first things we soon realised was that the door panels which normally open outwards would, in this case, be better off opening inwards. This provides more room when exiting which is a safety benefit.” Safety is further ensured by means of red and green LED lighting to let users know when they can drive through the car wash. The detection loops inside and outside the car wash ensure furthermore that persons or vehicles cannot be accidentally trapped.

A fit-for-purpose design for an ultramodern automatic car wash.

Qua uitstraling moest de Speedgate natuurlijk perfect aansluiten bij de rest van het design van de hypermoderne wasstraat. Daarom werden de robuuste stalen panelen voorzien van glas. “Verder hebben we aan de onderkant borstels geplaatst ter isolatie en is de Speedgate thermisch verzinkt en voorzien van een dubbel-laags poedercoating ter bescherming,” vertelt André. “Op die manier weet je zeker dat je een duurzaam product hebt aangeschaft dat jarenlang meegaat. Ook in een veeleisende omgeving zoals een wasstraat.”


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