Super Trackless Speedgate prefab foundation

Super Trackless Speedgate on prefabricated foundation

The Xentry STS is the solution for all locations where efficient access for car and truck traffic is essential. Small wonder then that we regularly get to install these trackless Speedgates in logistical locations, in harbours and on industrial estates. Because the Xentry STS has no guidance at the top or bottom, the headroom is unlimited and the road surface is kept intact. Ideal for the transit of heavy and high vehicles. Moreover, the Xentry STS has a width of up to 12 metres, making it unique in the Netherlands.

As well as efficient access, optimal safety is of course an important prerequisite for these types of locations and sites. There, too, the Xentry STS excels. The Speedgate moves so smoothly and fast that any vehicle can enter or exit unobstructed. This keeps the risk of unauthorised vehicles being able to drive in at the same time to a minimum.

But what about accessibility and safety during the installation? By opting for a ready-made solution on foundation, the vehicle entrance can be put into use almost immediately. In this way, access does not need to be closed for an unnecessarily long time.

The Xentry STS on foundation is fully manufactured, tested and assembled in our factory. This saves precious time during the installation and in addition the production conditions in our factory are optimal. The complete structure, including concrete foundation block, is then loaded onto a truck ready for installation at the destination site in a single operation. Once it has been connected up and configured, the Speedgate can be put into use immediately. In short, the Xentry STS on foundation is literally the perfect ‘plug-and-play’ solution for every situation where there is a requirement for efficiency, speed and safety.

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