Parking Claxonate Purmerend

Claxonate car park in Purmerend fitted with Speedgates

Last October, the Claxonate public car park in the centre of Purmerend was fitted with a semi-driven and a twin-driven Xentry 3TP Speedgate. A solution that fully meets Purmerend municipality’s desire to improve the car park’s accessibility and give it a more welcoming appearance.

The car park’s old overhead doors were due for replacement. Additionally, the municipality wanted to extend the opening times to 24 hours a day from 1 November 2019. In implementation of this, the old doors were replaced by brand-new Speedgates and part of the floor was given a new coating for more grip.

The result is there to see. Thanks to the tailored Speedgates, the entrance looks a good deal more accessible and the level of user-friendliness has been improved. The folding gates react rapidly and adequately to each vehicle. At the same time, access safety has naturally been assured.

Both the municipality and visitors are enthusiastic. We have received a lot of positive response to the wonderful appearance and great ease of use of the new Speedgates.

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