For more than 25 years, our clients have been counting on the highest quality, the best service and specialist knowledge. This applies not only to innovative products and ground-breaking projects, but also to service and installation. With the growth and further professionalisation of our company, it is time to change this. Therefore, all our installation, service and maintenance operations are now part of the brand new department HTC service & installation B.V.

What is going to change?
Regarding the contract and our service provision, nothing changes. You can still expect the same high level of service that you are accustomed to from us. The administrative details do change however. HTC service & installation has its own Chamber of Commerce registration number, VAT number and account number. So make sure that you adjust this in your administration.

Any questions?
Do you have any questions about this e-mail or do you wish to receive more information about our services? Our experts are happy to inform you via +31 88 027 70 89 or .

HTC service & installation B.V.
Chamber of Commerce registration number, VAT number and account number

Chamber of Commerce: 765 982 68
VAT: NL860694288B01
IBAN: NL66 ABNA 0428 1957 84

Secured by Design

A Speedgate’s operating principle means the speed at which it opens and closes a perimeter is one of its most important safety factors. After all, the protective shell is opened for as short a time as possible. The design parameters which HTC uses to differentiate its Speedgates are the certified resistance levels against burglary (RC2 to RC5), the option of ballistic protection (FB6) and anti-climb protection, but also safety-related parameters like reliability and safe use. We would like to demonstrate this at the exhibition using an Xentry 3 with an RC2 and an RC4 wing and a trackless Xentry STS with anti-climb protection.

Speedgate as a Service

Sustainability, talked about by many companies, realised by HTC. By being the only party to be able to guarantee a performance level for 15 years, to guarantee the return of products and materials and to maximise the reuse of materials. We do this by offering the product as a service, whereby HTC retains ownership (and is therefore responsible for all servicing and maintenance) and you will only periodically pay a fixed fee based on usage. This will allow you to avoid any investment, you’ll know exactly how much the use of the Speedgate is going to cost across the duration of use, but, above all, it will provide you with complete peace of mind, as you will be refunded if HTC doesn’t meet the guaranteed uptime. In addition, this variant will meet all (future) sustainability requirements which have been set for the (re)use of raw materials.

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You will find us in Hall 12, stand 12.230. You can order a free admission ticket on the Intertraffic site via this link. We look forward to welcoming you there. This link will provide you with a free admission ticket

Making an entrance sustainable

HTC is improving the speedgates’ environmental performance by making three aspects more sustainable. Firstly, the products have been improved in such a way that they can be used for longer. The products are constructed using components which can be exchanged and reused at a modular level. The service is also offered with as little environmental impact as possible. HTC’s service can be used remotely by using IoT. And finally, the products aren’t just sold, but also offered, which means the customer will only be paying for their use. HTC remains fully responsible for servicing, maintenance, reuse and recycling.

Intrinsic motivation

“We’ve become intrinsically motivated because we can clearly see our children no longer have the same perspective in the world as we do” Stefan states during the interview with Circo. HTC wants to change this by making the use of materials and energy more sustainable. There’s definitely also been a clear shift in the market, with customers now increasingly thinking long-term. “People aren’t just looking for an attractive price when buying, but also want an attractive price so they can continue to enjoy carefree use of a product for 20 years.” It’s also quite striking that possession no longer appears to be a condition for convenience and availability, and is even seen as a burden. The younger generation in particular prefers to pay for the use of a product.

Circo Track

HTC participated with a Circo Track, whereby a circular proposition was developed. This process also mapped out which changes in services and products are going to be needed in order to meet this proposition. Would you like to know more about this Circo Track and what it has resulted in for us? Watch the full interview with Stefan below.

Curious about our sustainable solutions? Read more about Speedgate as a Service or visit our Sustainability page.

Circular Business Practice

Circular Business Practice is the matchmaking platform for circular entrepreneurs. The platform is committed to connecting entrepreneurs, employees and those interested in the circular economy. They put them in touch with experts from the business community, knowledge institutions and the government. These specialists can support entrepreneurs with specific issues. Circulair Ondernemen believes in the power of connection: “You can achieve a great deal more by working together and sharing knowledge. In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that you simply can’t do without each other in a circular system.”

Speedgate as a Service

The article explains Speedgate as a Service, a sustainable solution for vehicle entrances. The product remains HTC’s property with our Speedgate as a Service. You therefore don’t need to invest in the product, but you only pay for the performance the product provides you with. HTC provides complete servicing, maintenance, reuse and recycling services too. We can also guarantee that the Speedgate will still be performing as effectively at the end of the contract period as it did soon after starting. We will agree on a guaranteed performance level in the form of availability and security. We’ll be able to refurbish and reuse parts and returned Speedgates wherever possible, as all servicing and maintenance activities will be carried out by HTC itself. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions for creating new raw materials. Smart management of the Speedgates by preventing fault call-outs will also contribute to this.

Interested in finding out more?

Curious about our sustainable solutions? Read more about Speedgate as a Service or visit our Sustainability page.

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Welcome at our Experience Center

Rembrandt Happel (FOBS Magazine) has written an article about our Experience Center, where we welcome our guests for an introduction. Did you know that the Experience Center is also the perfect location for meetings? Feel free to contact us!

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Technology and innovation, at HTC we simply can’t do without. It helps us to develop increasingly smarter products and solutions which contribute to the modern management of buildings, sites and installations. Making sure customers and users can live, reside and work safely and comfortably. Now, soon and in the future too.

We do this by realising vehicle entrances which owners, maintenance employees and users can rely on at all times and under any circumstances. Whether it concerns an entrance to a car park, access to a business park, the security of a distribution centre, or the entrance to an apartment complex, HTC’s Xentry Speedgates can guarantee smooth access for residents, staff, suppliers and/or customers. At the same time, they’ll make sure no one can simply enter a site or building. 

We take that worry-free protection to an even higher level with Xense. Xense is an IoT application which provides an insight into your Speedgate’s performance. The direct result: 

  • More control and effective management
  • Higher uptime and a longer lifespan 
  • Lower maintenance and management costs 

So how does this work exactly? We can monitor all of a Speedgate’s components 24/7 with a combination of smart sensors, software and cloud technology. This enables us to carry out customised maintenance (predictive maintenance) and come up with remote diagnoses (remote diagnostics). This, in turn, allows us to predict maintenance moments and coordinate activities in line with the Speedgate’s condition. This can include the preventive replacement of parts before they actually become faulty. And if something does happen to go wrong? Then we can very quickly identify the cause and proactively and remotely manage a fault engineer. He will then head out to site with the right parts and can efficiently repair the fault. This saves time, costs and any possible environmental impact. 

Insight into this data isn’t just reserved for HTC’s service department, but can also be made available to Homeowners Associations managers, site managers, garage managers, facility managers and owners, who can subsequently monitor their Speedgate’s performance via an online dashboard. Has a resident called the HOA manager because the car park’s Speedgate isn’t opening? Then the employee will instantly be able to see whether there is a fault. Isn’t that the case? Then there’s something else going on. For example, the problem could be a flat battery in the resident’s hand-held transmitter. The manager will quickly be able to come up with the right diagnosis without the need for an (unnecessary) visit to the location. Resulting in a happy manager and a happy resident. Or how about a Speedgate which isn’t working properly, whereby we can remotely determine that the sensor is dirty? Something very easy and quick to resolve with a clean cloth, you certainly don’t need a service engineer for that. You can also easily retrieve data about the number of movements in a day, as well as information about peak and off-peak hours. It goes without saying these are just a few examples of the benefits an online dashboard like this can offer. Whether you’re tech savvy or not at all, Xense will definitely add a new dimension to the Speedgate experience. After all, you’re literally and figuratively connected to your entrance. 

Good to know: we set every new Speedgate up with Xense preparation as standard. That’s what we refer to as Smart & Safe. Our customers can subsequently decide for themselves whether they want to make use of real-time online monitoring in combination with proactive servicing and tailor-made maintenance: the Xense servicing package. Do you want to go one step further? Then there’s Xense Premium, which includes video recording. Very useful if you want to find out the exact cause of an incident or collision.

View our digital Xense Service folder for more information about our servicing packages.